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Cabinetpak offers every available line of countertops imaginable. The two most important considerations when selecting a countertop are lifestyle and look.

Here are some of the pros and cons to some of our most popular styles:

  • Cambria – manufacturer of quartz countertops that come in a variety of colors and does not need to be sealed.
  • Corian – a solid surface countertop. It’s a seamless installation, but can scratch easily.
  • Laminate – comes in a wide variety of styles and is a low cost alternative. Use a cutting board, laminate can scratch easily.
  • Granite – this durable and heat resistant material is great for high traffic kitchens, but it does need to be sealed periodically.
  • Tile – heat resistant and easy to intall, but tile can chip easily and be sure to buy extras!
  • Butcher block – Easy installation and is great for cutting, but requires sealing and refinishing periodically.
  • Stainless steel – stainless is heat resistant and just as the name indicates, stain resistant too! Although it may look professional, this material can dent and scratch easily.
  • Concrete – don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be gray. Concreate can be textured or dyed to fit your style, but it does have to be sealed periodically and can chip easily.


New light fixtures and outlets are always part of a custom kitchen project, but during the planning phase of any project we can help with any electrical needs you may have. Our electricians will get your kitchen up to code before their part of the job is done.


We carry a wide variety of sinks and faucets to fit your needs and design tastes. Whether it's an under-counter or a standard sink, we can accommodate your wishes. Our experienced plumbers can install and maneuver water lines to make your dreams a reality.


A typical custom kitchen involves all new appliances to go with the kitchen’s new look. We can find any type of appliance you are looking for, whether it’s standard white, custom or the popular stainless steel.