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Combination Refacing & New Cabinetry Projects

Cabinetpak offers many options for a combination refacing and new cabinetry project. Such as when a homeowner has a new granite or quartz countertop already installed, Cabinetpak could then reface the base cabinets leaving the countertop in place. We could then install all new wall cabinets that would be built all the way to the ceiling. Both the refaced cabinets and the new wall cabinets would looks exactly alike. Some homeowners choose to remove their present soffits to install new wall cabinets to the ceiling.

Cabinetpak also does all the soffit removal, including any wall and/or ceiling repair on this type of project. Other common options on a combination project is to reface the main kitchen and then do one of the following: build new wall and base cabinets around the refrigerator to allow for a new, larger refrigerator; build a new large panty cabinet with roll-out trays; replace inefficient blind corner base cabinets sections that can be added to a refaced kitchen project.